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Cybersecurity challenges for Latin America

Cybersecurity is a topic that is obtaining more and more interest around the world. After the 2007 cyberattacks in Estonia, the world started realizing that cybersecurity is going to be a challenge they will have to address sooner or later, hence the creation of the Tallinn Manual by NATO two years later. This manual suggests how could cyberattacks be taken in the context of a war, but there is yet to exist an international law such as IHL regarding this sphere, nor there are any universal regulations whatsoever.

Brazil, Pacification and Major Events: Forging an “Ambience of Security” in Rio

Revista de Estudios en Seguridad Internacional

This paper seeks to analyze the reshaping of the state security device in Brazil justified by the challenge of hosting the World Cup and the Olympic Games. The advent of these events ignited security programs designed to face possible threats and also the strengthening of law enforcement capability.

La lucha contra el crimen organizado y el terrorismo en Uruguay: Un desafío a enfrentar

Revista de Estudios en Seguridad Internacional

El crimen organizado ha crecido en el mundo y en la región, y sus operaciones delictivas no escapan al Uruguay. Entre los desafíos que debe enfrentar el Estado, se encuentra el combate al crimen organizado, especialmente narcotráfico, lavado de dinero y robo de armas.


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