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Dual Presidentialization and Autocratization: Turkey at a Critical Crossroad

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Turkey has suffered a process of autocratization in the last years. The political turn from a defective democracy towards a competitive authoritarianism is fundamentally related to a concentration and personalization of political power in the person of Erdogan, and to the influence of political institutions.

This situation has given rise to what I call a “dual presidentialization”, meaning a presidentialization that has arisen from institutional changes, together with one that derives from certain informal factors. The hypothesis I propose is that this dual presidentialization has accelerated Turkey’s advance towards autocracy via several dimensions: a greater control over the judicial branch and over public freedoms in general, and freedom of the press in particular.

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To cite this chapter: Durán, Marién. 2018. “Dual Presidentialization and Autocratization: Turkey at a Critical Crossroads”, Mediterranean Quarterly, Vol. 29, No 3, September, pp. 98-11.

Marien Durán is Associate Professor of Political Science and member of GESI at the University of Granada, Spain.