Terrorist Propaganda


Analysis and Evolution of the Global Jihadist Movement Propaganda

The Global Jihadist Movement (GJM) has a series of well-defined objectives, which constitute the central points of their ideology. In the realization of these goals, propaganda and public communication play a central role. This article studies the evolution of the principal characteristics of GJM propaganda, analyzing over 2,000 documents issued by the GJM between 1996 and 2005.

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The Intelligence Services' Struggle Against al-Qaeda Propaganda

History demonstrates that terrorist violence is not, in itself, an efficient instrument. Generally, most terrorist groups have become extinct before realizing their ultimate aims. Moreover, although the effects of terrorism usually are spectacular in the short term and often disproportionate -both in the resources employed and the damage caused- terrorism is not a decisive method of conflict. To maximise gains, terrorism should be complemented by a series of political and social actions and, above all, these complementary strategies need to have the capacity to evolve with and adapt to complex forms of engagement.


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